New Fashion Trends : The Baked Mushroom Sandals Future Of Fashion

New Fashion Trends: The Baked  Mushroom sandals are the future of fashion.

Over the past three years, the fashion designers are paying attention to the biodegradable  and renewable fabric materials.

last year, Salvatore  Ferragamo used a citrus byproduct that feels like a silk for shirts, dresses and pants.

and another fashion designer created a faux -leather out of pineapples leaves and a Dutch textile designer created a mycelium dress which is much more stylish than any Satin cocktail dress.

The mycelium is the interlocking root system which helps to grow a forest of Mushroom in your yard after it rains.

Hence this fungi  Mushroom has been the fashion trend now. a Microsoft artist Erin Smith grew her own wedding dress out of tree mulch and Mycelium.

Hence now coming to the actual news A graduate student named ” Jillian Silverman” who is studying in the University of Delaware fashion and apparel focused on environmental sustainability, recently she has crafted a prototype  shoe which combines mushroom, agriculture waste and fabric materials.

New Fashion Trends Mushroom Sandals


In a talk with Silverman. She said lots of fashion fabrics are not compostable but her shoes are designed with natural material ” In her shoe, everything is natural and biodegradable. and also compostable.

It is a perfect solution for reducing the effect of textile waste, toxic inputs and we can use all renewable materials.

How Were These New fashion trends Sandals made?

The best mycelium does is that it binds the materials together, in shoe case she used chicken feathers,  After testing that process Silverman decided to use oyster, King Oyster and yellow oysters feathers for their superior aesthetic strength and then she designed a shoe sole in which mycelium will mould into its specific shape. as it takes about a week for mycelium to grow and mould after it moulds she baked it to stop the growth of mycelium and prevent mushrooms from fruiting on the surface. As they were a little bit smelly in the initial process of baking. Stay Tuned For More Fashion News.

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