Michael Pena as Mr Roarke in “Fantasy Island” Movie

Michael Pena as Mr Roarke in “Fantasy Island” Movie

American actor Michael Anthony Pena to do the role of Mr Roarke in the upcoming movie “Fantasy Island“.

Fantasy Island is an Popular Television Series which ran from 1977 to 1984 in ABC network,  this series dealts with the dark themes and super natural. The main plot of this TV Series is that, a unique resort island in pacific ocean fulfills the fantasies requested by the visitors of that resort.

Ricardo Montalban the main lead of that TV series plays the character of Mr Roarke, who oversaw a mysterious island where people can literally fulfill their fantasies for a price.

Now this tv popular TV series is being made into a feature film, in which Michael Pena is playing the character of Mr Roarke in the film.

It is being directed by Jeff Wadlow and he is also writing the script with his “Truth or Dare” co-writers Chris Roach and Jillian Jacobs.

Sony and Blumhouse were combinely producing this film, and it is slated to release on January 14, 2019. Stay Tuned for more updates.





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