Edifier MP 100: A Key Chain Like Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Edifier MP 100: A Key Chain Like Mini Bluetooth Speaker

In this fast forward generation, the technology has become more convenient and portable, where you can use gadgets like anywhere without having any fuss of carrying those from one place to another, as they are becoming more easy to use and easy to carry gadgets.

In that comfy gadgets category, a new device has been added it is a mini Bluetooth speaker which you can carry it like a Key Chain, This new mini Bluetooth speaker is called “Edifier MP 100“.

Edifier MP 100 A Key Chain Like Mini Bluetooth Speaker (2)

Edifier MP 100 is and Handy Bluetooth speaker which uses Bluetooth 4.0v to connect to all smart devices, you can also use it by inserting a microSD card into the Bluetooth as there is a slot available for a memory card.

Let’s also see the other specifications of this Edifier MP 100 Bluetooth Speaker.

  • This mini Bluetooth speaker uses Bluetooth v4.0  technology to connect with other devices, it streams audio wirelessly from your smartphones, laptops, iPhones, etc…not only this you can also use it as a speakerphone to take calls hands-free by connecting it to your devices whether it may be Android, iPhone, or windows phone.
  • It has a MicroSD functionality where you can listen to your favourite tracks using the card.
  • MP100 is a Dust Proof and Splash Proof Gadget means you can carry this device anywhere you want.
  • This mini Bluetooth Speaker has a Battery Life of About 20 Hours, where you can use it for 20 hours on a single charge. It is built with a lithium-ion 1500mAH battery to last for long
  • Mp100 comes in three distinct colours Blue, Green, and Yellow.
  •  It weighs about 0.21kg
  • Speaker Dimension is 87x87x40mm

Edifier MP 100 A Key Chain Like Mini Bluetooth Speaker (2)

Coming to the price of this mini portable Bluetooth Speaker it is available at a price of Rs 3,400 as it varies with the colour you choose, you can buy this portable mini keychain type speaker online in Amazon




Check it out here

Edifier MP 100

Edifier MP 100

MP 100 green

7.0 /10

mp 100 yellow

7.0 /10

mp 100 blue

8.0 /10

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