Facebook Messenger Kids App has a new update

Facebook Messenger Kids App has a new update

The Popular Social Media App Facebook is coming up with a new update for its Facebook Messenger App for kids under 13.

The Facebook has added a new feature to its Kids Messenger App to make it easier for kids to add their friends to the platform.

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This new feature allows kids to request parents approval for new contacts in their account so that parents can know with whom they’re connecting via Facebook and if the parents approve then only they can chat with them.

Techcrunch has given information about how to enable this feature, so as per that information, parents have to turn on the setting that creates a Four-Word Password which can be used to generate contact requests.

If any child request for connection, then that request, will directly go to the parents and they have to enter that four-word passphrase to the messenger kids friend.

like this, both the parents will receive a connection request and they have to approve the request before the kids can begin chatting with them.

This feature is being made updated in IOS and Android also, and it is not a default feature, the parents can decide whether to use it or not.

Hence this new feature is being rolled out from today onwards in Facebook Messenger Kids App. stay tuned for more latest tech news, smartphones and more.


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