Fujifilm has Launched a New Instagram Camera

Fujifilm has Launched a New Instagram Camera

The Popular Camera Brand Fujifilm is launching a new Square Format Camera Which Looks like Instagram Icon.

This Fujifilm Square format Analog Camera is called Instax Square SQ6, The Instax Square SQ6 consists of a 1:1 aspect ratio, which renders photos in a size of 2.4inch by 2.4 inch Square format.

Fujifilm has Launched a New Instagram Camera



This Instax camera has an auto exposure control features so that we don’t have to manually arrange the settings for a perfect shot.

It also has a sensor for detecting the light and Brightness of the surroundings to adjust the shutter speed.

This new Instagram like Camera comes in three colour filters as they are – Orange, Purple, and Green.

Another best thing about this SQ6 is that it has a selfie mode that can adjust the brightness and focus for better selfies and close-ups.

Instax has a small mirror located next to the lens that helps with the captures.

Not only this there are many other specifications available in this cute camera, it has many modes of shooting, Like Double Exposure mode, which lets you impose two images onto a single film.

It also Macro Mode for closeup’s, you can take selfies or close up shots as close as 12 inches.

and it also a Landscape Mode to Capture the beautiful nature scenery

Fujifilm has Launched a New Instagram Camera




This Instax Square format analogue camera comes in Three Colours White, Gold, and Gray. This Insta Sq6 is all set to release on 25th May in the US and Cannada for the price of $129.25 Approx(Rs 8,803 in Indian currency), and you have to buy the Instax film separately which costs $12.54 (Approx Rs 854) per pack of 10 prints.

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