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Meet Kai: The Mouse You Can Wear it like Band

Meet Kai: The Mouse You Can Wear it like Band

The Domestic Tech Startup company Vicara has developed a new mouse called “Kai” which you can wear it like a fitness band and operate it.

How Does this Kai work?

Meet Kai The Mouse You Can Wear it like Band 3


You have to wear this mouse between your thumb and four fingers and then the Mouse will track your fingers and wrist moments effortlessly by using gestures adapting technology designed by the team.

You can also change the settings of the mouse using the Kai control centre and can give your favourite gestures to do the things you want to do in your favourite applications like Photoshop, design apps etc…

How to connect Kai to the systems

You can connect this mouse to your PC or Laptop by using Bluetooth connectivity technology and then you can use virtually with any of your favourite applications and games.

Meet Kai The Mouse You Can Wear it like Band

Kai Mouse can last up to 8hrs for a single charge and it is very portable that you can carry around and use it all day and every day. 

Its slim band like design makes it easier for us to take it anywhere as it can fit into your pocket, pouch or backpack.

Talking about the price it is expected to be available for more than the normal mouse price as they actually didn’t reveal any price details as of now.

Hence these are details of the new wearable mouse Kai, to know more about this device you can visit this site

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