Tata Motors Unveiled Its New Concept Cars H5x & 45x SUV

Tata Motors H5x SUV

In a recent auto expo 2018, Tata Motors reveals it upcoming new concept cars H5X SUV and 45X Premium hatchback cars.

Now the company has revealed that they both will be launched in 2019.

The company Tata Motors is looking to offer more premium experience to its customers, so they revealed these new concept cars H5X SUV and 45X premium.

This both cars were aimed at offering a better driving experience, powertrain, best interior quality and an stylish exterior design.

Tata Motors H5X SUV

The H5X SUV is based on Tata Motors subsidiary Land Rover‘s OMEGA architecture.

The Production model of SUV is powered by Fiat Multijet ii Engine, which will be paired with both 6-Speed manual and 6-speed automatic transmissions.

H5X SUV produces 140bhp in 5 seater variant and 170 bhp in 7 seaters and the exterior of it was based on Tata Impact Design 2.0.

The Prices of this new concept car H5x were expected up to RS. 15 lac for the 5-seater variant and for 7-seater it is quite more than the 5-seater variant.

Tata Motors H5x SUV
Tata Motors H5x SUV


Tata Motorss newest


Tata Motors 45X Premium Hatchback

Coming to Tata 45x, it will also have the similar features like the H5X SUV, with same 2.0 styling design, similar interiors design, has not much info has been revealed about this car but it is expected to see an updated version of the ConnectNext interface which we have seen in the Sub-Compact SUV.

The Price Details of 45x premium hatchback hasn’t been revealed yet but it is expected that it will be closer to the price of H5X SUV.

Tata Motors 45x prei


Hence this both new concept cars from Tata Motors will be launched in 2019 and full details will be given in future itself.

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