Air Conditioned Helmet Launched in India By Feher

Air Conditioned Helmet Launched in India By Feher

A company named Feher has launched a new Air Conditioned Helmet called “Feher ACH-1” to keep you cool when you ride a bike,

Even if its an unintelligent thing as it may be, Due to this hot weather and humidity many motorcyclist dont wear full-sized helmets or helmets altogether, to tackle this issue a company named Feher is came up with a new air conditioned helmet and also claims that it is the first ever air conditioned helmet in the world.

Air Conditioned Helmet Launched in India By Feher 1

Air Conditioned Helmet Feher ACH-1

This Helmet will keeps you cool from inside while riding the bike, as the company claims it gives you up to 10 to 15 percent more coolness from the normal temperature outside.

How Does Feher ACH-1 Air Conditioned Helmet Works?

The Feher ACH-1 Helmet uses the thermoelectric technology and evenly distribute the filtered cool air inside the interior of Helmet.  though it is fully not wireless, it will powered with your bikes Battery and it comes with an harness to connect it to the battery, and if you dont want it to be wired it to the bike then you can power up this helmet by using a 12Kv external battery which will be purchased separately from any electronics store.

Air Conditioned Helmet Launched in India By Feher 1

Air Conditioned Helmet

The company Feher claims that” a 3000mAh battery can power up the helmet for 2 Hours and a 12mAh will give you 6 hours of cooling.

Talking about the safety part, this Feher Ach-1 Helmet is manufactured with the fibergalss and the weight of its is just 1,450 grams which is quite similar to the weight of all other high end helmets and it is certified by DOT and ECE 22.05.

coming to the price, it is available at a price of Rs 42,000 in india, which is said to be an drawback but to have comfort and safety at one place than it can be said as fair price.

Hence these are the details about the new Air Conditioned Helmet called Feher ACH-1 from Feher.

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