Maserati Alfieri will be finally unveiled in 2020

Maserati Alfieri will be finally unveiled in 2020 (3)

Maserati Alfieri will be finally unveiled in 2020

The Maserati’s much long-delayed futuristic car Alfieri will be finally unveiled in 2020 at Geneva, says company CEO Herald Wester.

The Maserati Alfieri will be the replacement model of GranTurismo

The production of it is expected to be completed later this year as Maserati’s Modena plant is overhauled and rebuild for the new car.

In an interview with the popular Auto website, Wester has revealed that the concept of Maserati Alfieri will be revealed in 2020 at Geneva,

but the series of production will not kickstart until 2021-2022.

In earlier reports, it has mentioned that Alfieri production will begin from early 2020 for Geneva, but the CEO of the company has confirmed that it will not start until 2021-2020.

Maserati Alfieri will be finally unveiled in 2020 (1)


And after asking the reason for the delay, Wester replied that’ Any product we touch or make will have significant electrification’ so the same reason goes for it as Alfieri will be updated as a fully futuristic vehicle with full of extensive electrification, from mild hybrids to fully electric.

Adding to that, he said. every product from us now will now have significant electrification and the main launch of all those new products will be in 2021-2022, and by the end of 2020, we will have a completely new range of vehicles.

For every new product, we will have a full battery electric version,

Not only that but at least one, future models will also be included which are the updated versions of Ghibli, Quattroporte and Levante.

Continuing the above, ‘Maserati is one of the few brands who can sell cars at the cost and reality of technology and still make money.’ said Wester.

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