New Designer Saree’s You Haven’t Seen Before From Payal Khandwala
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New Designer Saree You Haven’t Seen Before From Payal Khandwala’s

The Popular Fashion Designer Payal Khanwala Has launched a new collection of Saree’s called Gemini Collections, the speciality of this saris is that they are Reversible Sarees’s, you can wear it from both sides that means you can reuse your saree without investing in more.

This new Gemini collection saree’s has two Pallu’s that allow it to be reversed. The Design of this extends along with the length of Pallu for Maximum Impact.

Not only Saree’s Khandwala has also introduced a new range of blouses with a various capsule collection, Basically, he has introduced a new range of Sleeveless tops, Wraps, box tops, Blouses, tunics and waistcoats.

The pleated shapes of its are very inclusive when it comes to the Sizes, they sit close to the body to contrast the volume of the sari.

Hence here are some images of her new collection have a quick glance at those beautiful saree’s.

New Designer Saree's Gemini collec (1)

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Courtesy: Vogue

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