Liam Hemsworth to star in ‘Arkansas’ Movie

Liam Hemsworth to star in ‘Arkansas’ Movie

Hollywood Actor Liam Hemsworth to star in the Mafia backdrop movie ‘Arkansas‘ which marks the directorial debut of Clark Duke of ‘Hot Tub Time Machine’ fame.

Reports confirm that Liam Hemsworth is going to the play the character named ‘Kyle’ in this movie, who live by the orders of an Arkansas-based drug kingpin named Frog (played by Vince Vaughn).

Along with Liam Hemsworthh, the star cast also includes Duke (plays the character called Swin) who also wrote the plot of the movie, Vince Vaughn (as Kingpin ‘Frog’).

The movie ‘Arkansas’ is produced by Patrick Hibler, Jeff Rice, Martin Sprock, and storyboard media, while Media Finance Capital’s David Gilbery and Charles Dorfman were also funding this movie.

The movie is set to start its regular shooting from next week in Alabama. watch out this space for more updates from the movie.