Manasuku Nachindi Movie Review

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Manasuku Nachindi Telugu Movie Review:

Super Star Mahesh Babu‘s Sister Manjula‘s Directorial Debut Movie ” Manasuku Nachindi ” has hit the screens today .The Movie features sundeep kishan  as a Male lead and Amyra dastur as female lead ,the other major cast in this movie are Tridha Chowdhary, Adith , Nasser, Priyadarshi , Abhay , Geetha .The Movie Review is here

Manasuku Nachindi Review


Story of the film :

Suraj (Sundeep Kishan) and Nithya (Amyra Dastur) both are childhood best friends ,there parents taught they are in love and decide to do marriage of them.The two best friends doesn’t like this and they both run away from their own wedding and decide to live together in Goa to find their inner self’s . Nithya is a girl who loves nature very Much, and were suraj (sandeep) is like an usual youth who loves to party ,he doesn’t have any goals he just loves to enjoy the life. Nithya starts yoga classes were hero in fall for a girl (tridha chowdhary) ,as this way story turns that intially in both there is no love for each of them but due to some other entrants in their life changes the way they look their life.The story line of the film that two best friends who initially they dint love each other’s but at climax they get married.The Romantic Scenes In Second Half were Awesome.

How the love came into there life how they follow their hearts and realizes their’s true self’s is the story of the movie

Technical Aspects :

The Visuals are very good ,Camera man Ravi Yadav does fantastic job in showing the nature in a fresh look ,as the major part of the movie revolves around the nature.The production Values of the movie are very good. The producers of the film Sanjay and Kiran does not backdown from production cost as they give what is required for the movie.





Every One in film were acted well in movie starting from the main leads Sundeep kishan and Amyra dastur they are given there best as required and other major characters were also done great job like Nasser sir, Tridha chowdhary , Adith Naren .The comedy angle is not very much in the movie, priyadarshi and abhay can do more from it has in the movie .


Camera Work , Love scenes in second half , Acting of every character , Direction

Drawbacks :

Routine Story of two best friends falling in Love with other as we were seen many movies from that story line.