Naga Shaurya’s New Movie Titled As Narthanasala , Remake ?

After the huge success of his first debut own production house Movie Chalo , Hero Naga Shaurya is ready to do his next film again in his own production company Ira Creations . This New Movie from his production house is titled as “Narthanasala” .

Naga Shaurya's New Movie Titled As Narthanasala , Remake ?







Narthanasala is an dance based comedy film with full of entertainment loaded in it. This is not the remake of old NTR movie Nartanasal .This new movie was launched in Amaravathi on the occasion of Ugadi , And the film is directed by debutant Srinivas chakravarthy , who formerly worked as assistant for director Krishna Vamshi.

Hence Now the recent news is that ” this movie shooting will starts from April 12th , and the total cast & crew details of this movie will be revealed soon .


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