Kadhal Ondru – Music Video | Romantic & Heart Touching | Ft: Vijay Vasudevan – Janani Iyer

Kadhal Ondru – Music Video| Vijay Vasudevan – Janani Iyer

Kadhal Ondru an Independent Tamil music video written, composed, edited and directed by Vijay Vasudevan.

The video features composer- director ‘Vijay Vasudevan‘ himself as male lead and ‘Janani Iyer‘ in the female lead.

It is a pure romantic and heart touching music video single based on a girl who loses her first love.

The sad side of first love failure has been showcased in this video in the girls (female lead) point of view with stunning cinematography.

The female lead of the video ‘Janani Iyer‘ acted very well in the video and made everyone felt the same agony of losing their first love.

It is surely one of the best music videos in recent times about the first love ! Do watch it here on the youtube link given below and give your valuable feedback in the comment section.

I’m sure you will also like it!