Facebook’s New Dating App: Here’s How You Can Use It

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Announced a New Dating App which will take on Tinder’s Space.

Going into the details ” this new dating app is not an individual app from facebook whereas Main Facebook itself comes with the features of Dating App.

Facebook's New Dating App: Here's How You Can Use It

Image Courtesy: TechCrunch


This dating app features will be available on Facebook itself where you can opt in and out from that app.

In this app, you have to create a new profile for dating, which will be visible only to the non-friends on Facebook who also created a profile for dating. Means Your Dating profile will not be visible to the friends on your FB account.

Facebook will show relevant matches to you on the basis of your dating preferences, things you have common, and Mutual friends. You also have an option to discover others with the same interests like you through their groups or events.

Facebook will deliver most relevant matches for you compare to other apps because it has more data of yours compared to any other app, Haha just kidding.This new app features will commence from next year.

Here’s Detailed Description of How Facebook Dating App will work:

  • First Opt-in to create a profile of yours with just your first name. Your profile won’t be visible to your friends, users who are not in dating feature and also it will not be shown in News Feeds.


  • Next, you will browse Events in your locality/city and groups that match your interests. Then you can select to ” Unlock” one for dating and you can see the profiles of other dating users who have unlocked that surface.


  • You can able to browse people’s profiles in that feature while browsing profiles it will show few photos of them and some basic information about them.


  • In Similar Your profile will also be shown to others based on the mutual interests and friends.


  • If you find anyone interesting and he/she also interested in you than you can have a conversation in a special inbox that is separate from messenger and WhatsApp.
Facebook's New Dating App: Here's How You Can Use It

Image: Tech Crunch


Nowadays new relations are being made only through online, let’s see how Facebook will help every single person to find their true love in this hookups Generations.

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