Now Google Assistant will talk with you in Marathi

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Now Google Assistant will talk with you in Marathi and also in some other regional Languages

The Search Engine Giant Google has announced some new apps and features at the Google for India 2018 event.

Along with adding new features in Google Pay (Goole Tez) like instant loan facility, Google has also announced some new “Indian Specific” features to its apps.

In that announcements the best one we can talk about is “including the Marathi language to Google Assistant”, with this support, users can now easily talk with google assistant in Marathi language,

Now Google Assistant will talk with you in Marathi (1)

Not only in Marathi, in coming months Google will expand its support to seven more Indian languages so that users can easily communicate with google assistant in their own language.

At present the Voice Assistant is Available in two languages in India, that includes Hindi and English, Now they are planning to expand this service to every major regional language of the country, for this Google has handed over responsibilities to the Mountain View company to make the google Voice Assistant more user-friendly.

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And The Company Mountain View is also working with all the third party apps and local providers to bring ” more functionality” to Google Assistant.

After including all the required language support, Google will then understand every language automatically and replies it in the same language by using Machine Learning Technology.


Now Google Assistant will talk with you in Marathi (2)


Apart from Google Assistant language feature, Google is also working on some other features like Hello English to allow users to learn English using Hindi via google assistant, and it is also working on “Where Is My Train” feature to let users know the status of the train.

Google is also collaberating with Airtel to let users know their recharge plan, latest offers available, and they can also directly recharge their phone using Google Assistant.

In addition to this, Google Also announced a project called “NavLekha” which aims to expand the reach of Local Publishers in India.

Hence these are all the latest announcements made by the Google on the specific feature “Google Voice Assistant” in this years “Google for India 2018” event, and we will also update more details from the Google for India event soon and please let us know for any required information about this event.



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