Google Call Screen Feature Now Available in Pixel 2, & Pixel 2 Xl in US

Google Call Screen Feature Now Available in Pixel 2, & Pixel 2 Xl in the US

Google starts rolling out ‘Call Screen‘ feature to Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL in the US, the Call Screen feature is the part of Google Pixel 3, but now its been included in its older models Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL.

Call Screen feature is a part of Google Assistant, which let users screen the call.

Means, the Google Assistant will answers the call first to check who is calling and then it offers ways to respond to calls to the user.

Call Screen will let users know who is calling them, it will quickly detect whether users are getting a spam call or a call from their mobile contacts.

Google Call Screen Feature Now Available in Pixel 2, & Pixel 2 Xl in US


The feature relies on AI to help you to check spam calls, when a call appears, you will get the option to accept, reject and Screen Call. If you choose screen call, then google assistant will pop-up and show you the transcript of caller response to the AI system.

Based on this you can decide whether to pick up the call or not.

This feature was first spotted by Android police on a pixel 2 XL phones and shared the screenshots of it in their reddit accounts.

Even many pixels 2 and 2 Xl users were also posted the screenshots of this feature in reddit.

Currently, this feature is only limited to the US, and it is not clear if Google will bring this feature to all other markets, including India.

Apart from this, Google is also planning to roll out Duplex feature to its new smartphone Google Pixel 3.

Duplex feature is also a part of Google Assistant, which helps users to carry out a task like booking a restaurant table or making an appointment to a doctor, hair-cut calling up to that particular place.

With this feature, Google Assistant will carry out a conversation like a real human and completes the given task.

Google says that this new feature will initially available for some part of US cities like New York, Atlanta, Phoenix, and San Francisco Bay Area and in future it will roll out to all other cities in the US.

Hence this is the info we know about the new call screen feature from Google for Goole Pixel 3, Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL phones. We will update any new information regarding this will come to us in the future.



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