Meet Cheetah 3 New Robot of MIT, Can Run, Climb and Jump without vision
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Meet Cheetah 3 New Robot of MIT, Can Run, Climb and Jump without vision

Engineers from MIT has developed a new robot called Cheetah 3, which can run, cross rough terrain, climb staircases, and jump without vision.

This new robot was built without camera’s so that it can explore dangerous or inaccessible environments without relying too much on vision” Said Sangbae Kim, Associate Professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston.

Vision can noisy and inaccurate, and sometimes it is unavailable if we rely too much on vision, so we made a robot which can rely more on tactile information so that it can handle unexpected obstacles while moving fast” Said Kim Associate Professor (MIT). 

The Cheetah 3 Robot is built on using Two new algorithms a contact detection algorithm and Model Predictive Control Algorithm.

The Contact Algorithm helps Cheetah to determine the best time to switch leg to leg from swinging in the air to stepping on the ground.

And the model predictive control algorithm is used to predict how much force to be applied for a given leg when it is committed to a step.

Apart from those, the cheetah 3 also includes a various range of movements where it can stretch its back, and forward, twist from side to side much like a cat.

Hence check it out the below video to know more about this new robot Cheetah 3


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