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Microsoft Revealed a glimpse of “Halo Infinite” Game for Xbox One

In the E3 2018 event, Microsoft has revealed a short teaser of “Halo Infinite” Game for Xbox and Windows 10.

The Halo Infinity is a new Halo Game which includes a giant world associated with it, The teaser of this new game has been revealed in the E3 2018 yesterday, in the teaser, they also specified a new Slipspace Engine that powers halo infinity.


The creators of this game 343 industries have included this new Slipspace engine to power the future Halo games. This new game seems to be an open world version of Halo game, while there is not so much special in its Game Play.

The creators of this game were also described that this new game has many new chapters of the legendary franchise and also mentioned that it is available on both Xbox One and Windows pc.

Hence then have a look at the new world of Halo Infinity here

Halo Infinite Game Trailer: Halo Infinite 6


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