This New Sea Craft can fly like a plane and docks like a Boat

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Here is the New Sea CraftAirfish 8” which looks like plane ,Docks like a boat and has a car engine.

What is this Airfish 8 Sea Craft ?

The New Sea craft is part boat and part plane it is called Airfish 8 , It is Made by widget Works.

It combines Aviation and Marine Technology .

This New Sea Craft can fly like a plane and docks like a Boat








It can Glide Across the waves ,

It has V8 car Engine Which can travel up to 121 mph ,has it is three times faster than the normal marine craft .

How this Sea Craft Can glide on water ?

Its unique Structure utilises the “wing in ground effect” where flying near the ground produces additional lift.

The craft can hover up to 2-6 meters above the water and can seat up for 8 Passengers , this sea carft can change the way how people travel ,a Singapore based company widgetworks is behind this new technology ,they are hoping to the change the way how people travel with their new craft technology and to host users with new innovations.

As in a talk with the Share Holder of Widgets Works and the founder of creative technology Sim wong hoo ” he said our goal is to transform the high speed maritime industry and to revolutionize this marine technology industry with their new ideas”.

Hence this new Sea Craft AirFish 8 is the future vehicle for people to travel around the seas , this sea craft doesn’t require any specific jetty or Runway  place to dock has it can land on water also hence it can be easier for island explorations for this craft to reach areas where a boat can not enter.

Besides this island exploration this sea craft can also be beneficial for departments like paramilitary coast guards and marine police ,Crew transfer unit from base to offshore oil platforms , transportation of goods , sea foods , and cargoes as it can be beneficial for any industry which requires a sea travel or work around the sea.

Hence this new sea craft can be an futuristic vehicle for any travel if this technology company evolves continuously in creating new ideas .


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