Terrible: New Smartphone with 5 to 9 Cameras

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Terrible: New Smartphone with 5 to 9 Cameras

A US Based Photography and Camera Making company Light is Developing a smartphone with 5 to 9 cameras which will be capable to capture a 64-megapixel image.

The Camera making company Light has revealed a prototype phone with five to nine camera lens on the back, they say this phone will be able to capture 64MP shots with better quality with low light performance.

This smartphone is not much thicker than an iPhone X and uses some internal processing to stick photos together.

New Smartphone with 5 to 9 Cameras

This new smartphone with all those multiple lenses and the processing power to capture the photos and stick them together will cost around $2,000.

and the launch of this new multiple lenses camera will be done later this year. All the specifications of this smartphone will be unveiled very soon.

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