This Projector Watch Will Turn Your Arm In To Touch Screen

This Projector Watch Will Turn Your Arm Into Touch Screen, Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University has unveiled a new “First Of Its Kind” Smartwatch which can turn your arm into a Touchscreen.

This Smartwatch named as “ Lumi watch ” projects an interactive surface area on the weaver arm or hand allowing them to click and swipe on their skin to use that watch.

This watch can project interface up to 40 Square centimetres in size which is 5 times bigger than a typical smartwatch.

The Projector of Lumi watch uses three coloured laser red, blue, and green and it is bright enough to be seen outdoors.

It features a 15-lumen scanned-laser projector, it consists of 1.2 GHz quad-core CPU, with 768 MB OF RAM and 4GB flash memory.

The Lumi is powered by 740 mAh Lithium Battery with Bluetooth and wifi connectivity capability. It can run for 1 hour of continuous projection.

The Lumi Smartwatch Runs On Andriod 5.1 Operating system and the price for this new gadget /smartwatch are expected up to $600.

Here look at this video description of how Lumi Watch works.


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