Now Turn Any Screen Into An Computer : Asus Chromebit

Asus came with an new cpu , Previously CPU‘s Central Processing Unit were very big and heavy that if we buy a PC then we will also have to buy a table for that PC , to place it. Now the technology has evolved and changed the shapes of computers , by introducing  laptops , mini laptops , Smartphones , tablets ,etc.. as they become very slim like an actress in a diet , and very portable , Pocket Sized , which can be move from one place to another place easily .

Recently heard and we also posted about that news that A Small 4k Pocket PC Liva Q has been invented by a company called ECS ,Which has 4k resolution display with 4 GB Ram and 64GB storage capacity ,runs with windows 10 operating system and there are many more features included in that , but now an extra addition to this marvelous invention ,a new device has arrived which looks like an USB drive but works like a computer.

Here the full details ” a new device has been invented by Asus with collaboration of google which we funnily name it as Size Zero CPU , a new central processing unit which looks like an USB Drive but it can turns any screen into an Computer. This New gadget is called “Asus Chromebit CS10″ , which can turns any screen into an affordable computer.

Now Turn Any Screen Into An Computer : Asus Chromebit

Now Turn Any Screen Into An Computer : Asus Chromebit










Specifications and features of Asus Chromebit

This New Asus Chromebit is an USB Shaped Central Processing Unit , Which Comes with an 100 GB Storage capacity from google drive up to 2 years, if we are in chrome webstore then we can use all the web applications from chrome in our screen by using this device .

This new Chromebit has HDMI , USB 2.0 ports with Bluetooth 4.0 and built in Dual Band WiFi network connectivity. We can use this device by attaching a USB 2.0 keyboard or with bluetooth and you can also connect mice to it.

Hence this Asus chromebit CS10 comes with an price of Rs 7,999 /- . You can buy this new chromebit in all online gadget stores.


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