Type “the1975..com” in your Google Search App and See What Happen’s Next

Type the1975..com in your Google Search App and See What Happen’s Next

Do you use google app on your phone, perhaps its the most obvious expected answer is “yes”! but what’s unexpected is typing this command in your Google Search Bar.

Since you already use the Google App in Your Phone, Now just simply type this command “the1975..com” into your google app and see what happen’s next, what results does Google display you.

I think you want to just try it now but before you are gonna try that ill let you know what results will it display.

After you type that command in google app the google shows you results that are bit weird as it will end up showing the list of recent text messages in your inbox.

Type “the1975 com” in your phone’s Google search app and see what happens


This glitch was recently discovered by a Reddit user who types the1975..com in his google pixel phone and ends up seeing those results.

Apparently, he wants to search for the Band “the 1975”  but he then ended up putting that command.

As this only works on Google App if you try it on Google chrome it won’t show you any results and also if you say the1975..com to google assistant then you get a reply like “I can’t read your text messages yet”.

Hence there is nothing to worry about your personal data or privacy as this glitch is just a fun code included by coders in the app just for fun, no need to get alarmed though Google can get a summary of all your text messages if you type “show me my text messages ” in google app.

Hence it is just a glitch but it makes you weird to see all the text messages by typing just a random command and no need to worry about that just have fun.

Hence Thank you for reading the full blog without leaving it right after you read about command and gone to search for that in your Google App.

Now you can search for that command in your phones and comment down your reactions below. Stay tuned for more interesting tech news, smartphones news, gadgets updates, and more.

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