WhatsApp Introduces 5 new updates to make your chat life easier

WhatsApp Introduces 5 new updates to make your chat life easier

Worlds Number one chatting community app WhatsApp has come up with new updates to it to make their user’s life easier. Let’s see how this new updates will make your chatting easier.

In this new updates, the first one to come is the “Click to Chat” update.

What is Click to Chat Update?

Whatsapp has come up with a new feature called Click to Chat where it allows a user to send messages to a number which isn’t saved in your contacts list.

In Simple, You can send a message to a person whose number is not saved in your contact list, without saving his/her number you can text them.

This new update is a very useful one because in our daily life routine we will get to meet people who are just a one-time conversation person whose number we don’t want to or need to save it in our contact list, for that kind of reasons this new update will be a better solution to make our chat live easier.

How To Use Click To Chat

To Use This New Feature WhatsApp Lets us to create a link, which allows us to send messages to unsaved numbers.

Below Here given the detailed description how to use click chat.

WhatsApp Introduces 5 new updates to make your chat life easier




2. Group Audio Calls In WhatsApp

In this new update as the name suggest we can make group audio calls in WhatsApp, As this new feature is in the testing process and it will available to the user of IOS Devices first.

This new update is similar to that of our current audio calling feature with some minor changes in it.

Hence it is in the Testing process so not enough details have been revealed about this like How many members can talk at a time.

But this new update will definitely compete with regular conference call feature in our normal calls.


3. Link Instantly with Facebook

This new feature is specially added by the WhatsApp parent company Facebook for their users who use facebook app also. This new feature will allow users to share a link instantly via “Send To Whatsapp”option.

In Simple it will share your most popular post on Facebook to WhatsApp instantly without the need of going to send or share option/drop-down menu.

WhatsApp 5 new updates facebook Link



 4.New Media Visibility feature In WhatsApp

This new feature of WhatsApp is added in Beta Version of Android. This new media Visibility feature update will let you choose whether your WhatsApp media can be shown in Gallery or Not.

In Simple, You can enable or disable the WhatsApp media visibility in your gallery. As this new feature is already available in IOS and now recently it was introduced in Android Versions.

How to enable this media visibility feature?

To enable this Media Visibility Feature Goto Settings >Menu > Click on “Data Storage and Usage” > Media Visibility-The option will appear right at the bottom.

This Option is Enable by default in WhatsApp if you want to disable it you can go through the above steps. If You Disable Media Visibility you will be not able to see WhatsApp media content in your gallery or outside the app, Still, your media will be available within the WhatsApp.


5. New Account Information Update 

This new update was added recently in WhatsApp where a user can get his account information. In this new feature, you can request for your account information in a pdf format like your contacts, group names, profile pic, settings etc..

Note: your chats will not be included in this feature, means your chat/messages reports did not come in this feature. you cant able to take a report of your messages with this feature.

How to Request A Report Of Your Account Information.

To Request a Report

  • Go to WhatsApp Settings > Account > Request Account Info
  • Tap Request report
  • The Screen will update to Request Sent

That’s it,  you can get your report of your account information within 3 days of your prior request submission.


Hence these are the WhatsApp 5 new updates list which WhatsApp has Introduced for their users to make their chatting experience much easier. Stay Tuned for more Latest information about technology, Apps, Softwares, Gadgets, Smartphones, Automobiles and many more at filmyhut.


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