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WhatsApp pip feature: Now you can watch Youtube, Instagram videos in WhatsApp Pip Mode

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WhatsApp pip feature: Now you can watch Youtube, Instagram videos in Pip Mode

WhatsApp Pip Feature

WhatsApp pip (Picture in Picture) feature will be available soon in WhatsApp for Android users along with Integration of Youtube and Instagram videos.

WhatsApp pip feature 1
WhatsApp pip feature

As per WABetainfo report, this new pip feature is available for WhatsApp Android beta Version 2.18.234, though it is currently under development and it needs to get many improvements so it is not been made available for beta testers.

The WhatsApp PIP mode feature will allow us to view youtube and Instagram videos in WhatsApp itself, it means When someone sends you a Youtube or Instagram link in WhatsApp and if you click on it, the link doesn’t take you to Youtube or Instagram App respectively, instead the video will play in your WhatsApp only by opening a small bubble in chat window of the user who has sent you the link.

Note: The Pip mode doesn’t work for Instagram Story Links.

WhatsApp pip feature 23
WhatsApp pip feature

This video playing window in WhatsApp will come with play and pause options, fullscreen mode, close options, you can increase or decrease the Video bubble window, you can move it around the phone screen and also the video will keep playing even when you exit from the WhatsApp chat window or switches to another chat window (conversation).

This new WhatsApp pip feature is already made available for iPhone users with youtube integration in the version 2.18.11 earlier this year. Very soon they will also be made it enable for Android users also.

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